Why African Oasis Safaris?

We adhere to the highest ethical standards when conducting business whether you are a customer, employee or partner. doing business with African Oasis. Commitment to our core values and mission/vision remains stronger than ever.
I intend to lead African Oasis to exceptional growth while providing great value for both customers and stakeholders. As you explore our website and learn more about African Oasis, I hope you will consider becoming a part of our family (and company) – whether as a customer, partner or employee. See you soon.

The summer of ’75 was the first time I raised up a paging board at the airport, waiting for my first ever clients. Excited but nervous, didn’t know who or what to expect. Then walked out an elderly lady pointing at me, “that’s us” she said with a smile as big as the moon. The entire family was soo ecstatic to be in Africa and at that moment I knew I’d be doing this for a lifetime. Be the one to put the smiles on their faces. African Oasis Safaris was founded in 1994 on one primary principle – Customer satisfaction. African Oasis connects premium luxury with affordability. We closely collaborate with our customers to fully understand their needs. Customer satisfaction and achieving their demands is what inspires us.

Moses Mugambi

Growing up on a farm, my family weren’t really travelers. It’s quite a routed way of life. As a child, I wasn’t thinking about the next country – all I wanted was to see what was beyond the hedgerow and in the next field. Adventure was everywhere but the older I got the more I longed to travel, and finally it started. Having worked with a number of humanitarian organizations, travel became my middle name. I USED TO TRAVEL SOLO: lost in the baffling alleyways of Uganda; watching the fat African sun slip down over the Tanzanian savannah; the rich history at Kigali genocide memorial in Rwanda; Boat rides in Burundi’s Lake Tanganyika. Sipping the best coffee I’ve ever tasted in Ethiopia… (quick tip, if you ever find yourself there, do not add or even ask for milk in your coffee, it’s insulting, am yet to really understand how or why.) All this lovely destinations had a remarkably positive impact on me. What joys it would bring to people if we could give them a chance to experience that beauty; so when my husband and I sat down in 1994 and decided to start this company, I had nothing but vision. And I must say it’s lived up to it.

Co Founder/Destination Activator
Rose Kinoti

“How long have you been doing this”? Is the top most question I’ve gotten in my career. Not “what’s your best destination” or “how much would it cost…” I must admit I chuckle a little whenever I hear the question a new. In my early thirties, last born of three, what experience do I really have right? *chuckles to self* Well.., where do I start? As at five-years-old, I was bouncing around in the front seat of a Landcruiser FJ40 with my dad, as he came home from safaris, ready to hear his new bush escapades. At thirteen-years-old, I was learning how to drive on his Landrover, shifting gears for the first time in the African savannahs he’d roamed for years before. Father son bonding he called it, which on some level opened my eyes to the wonders of the bush and sparked a lifelong passion for the natural world…the appeal of Africa as a destination was so strong that I spent any free time I had in between my high school years in his office, soaking up the itineraries, galleries…looking at destinations the company offered thinking of innovative fresh ideas. With a higher diploma in Travel, Tourism and Hospitality, I started my career right from the bottom going up; as a driver guide, – a fantastic experience and a great insight into luxury travel and how these trips are delivered first hand. I still travel whenever I get a chance with my signature Guide Named Chris safaris which also gives me the perfect opportunity to explore destinations African Oasis offer and experience their own unique landscapes, wildlife and cultures. Closer to home, the many trips I have made with my family have often had a physical aspect to them. “Why African Oasis”?.

Director/Destination Activator
Chris Kinoti

My first memory of travelling abroad is sitting in a 747 plane buckled up for Switzerland. I grew up in a very privileged position that through my dad’s job (and contacts) I was able to get invites every now and then to travel the world. Whilst all my instincts were telling me to follow in his footsteps, I took a bit of a detour and travelled to the US for a few years before finally giving in. A year or so into my law degree (And vast backpacking through Americas that he knows not about) I was ready to determine my next path. The path thankfully led to travel, 15 years later, and counting… I now lead African Oasis’s Marketing and Communications team in United States. I’m frequently asked “what makes African Oasis so special and why do you love what you do?” African Oasis is committed to having each client return home with a renewed zest for travel, not just to Africa but everywhere else in the world “a travel bug” sort of effect and we are proud to acknowledge that the vast majority of bookings come from repeat clientele and their ever-so-enthusiastic referrals. Other than that, it’s the people. Each bringing their own experience, excitement for travel, innovative ideas… and their passion. So whilst I am not on the ground in Africa (sadly) enjoying the company of you on safari, I can confidently tell you that you have the best team working for you and ready to make you part of #teamAOS family!.

Head of Marketing/Travel Expert
Lisa Kinoti

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to decide which Safari destination is my favorite. I grew up in Nairobi, Kenya; my dad being a people’s person and my mum a lovely host (to date) my father’s clients dropped in with him most times than not to say hello and share a meal with the family. So my living room was always filled with travelers sharing stories from their trips with my dad. Inspired by these stories, a life in travel was inevitable, I’m never happier than when I’m scouting the African continent for the next adventure. One of my favorite things about life at African Oasis is sharing in a client’s anticipation as they set off to explore Africa’s hidden gems for the first time. For me, the magic of travel lies in each journey’s ability to enrich your perspective of the Africa. I find an irresistible pull in the infinite promise of wild, uncharted landscapes, eye-opening culture and adrenaline-pumping experiences that beckon everywhere from the vast glaciers of Kilimanjaro to the desert safaris of Chalbi.

Operations Manager/Travel Expert
Kevin Kinoti