Photography Tours

Photographic journeys that are simply incomparable. Very grounded and very close to the pulse of the Africa; We offer a wide variety of photographic safaris that are suitable for both amateur and  professional photographers alike. We work with several leading photographers and tour operators especially in the USA, Singapore and Australia.


Luxury overload!
Cruise ships are a divisive subject. There are those who have sworn off them forever and those who refuse to vacation any other way. You probably know at least one person from each group. But for every con of cruises and there are many there’s also a positive; they are one of the cheapest ways to vacation. They’re all-inclusive, travel to exotic locations, and give you the chance to truly unplug especially after a safari.

Adventure travel (back packing)

Kenya is a backpacker’s heaven in many ways – it’s an affordable country, full of hidden gems, and versatile. But that’s not all, so check out our list of reasons why you should consider buying a ticket and heading for Bulgaria on your next backpacking trip. It has it all – seaside, countryside, vineyards, and mountains…..

Active tours (Hike | Bike | Ride)

East Africa offers some of the most thrilling, authentic and unique ways to experience Africa’s Flaura, Fauna and Wildlife. The AOS destinations strives to showcase this pristine land of wilderness that guests are able to enjoy first hand; through bush walks, riding on horses or mountain bikes. Since African Oasis is a luxury safari company, there is guaranteed exclusivity….

Birding and Bird Watching

East Africa is also one of the best places in the world for birdwatching. It’s not unusual for birdwatchers to see 500 or more species in one trip during a special birding trip. Bird watching in East Africa is spectacular, the region is a gem for ornithologists and a birder….

Sport Safari

Kenya is a great sporting nation.
From Rugby Sevens to the world’s most gruelling off road Safari Rally, there is a wide range of spectator sports throughout the year. There are also new and unusual sporting spectacles born of our exotic cultural heritage.

Mission Trips

You can serve on a Construction, Teaching or Child Care, Medical or even Conservation in East Africa. You and Your teams work will be dedicated to meeting the physical and spiritual needs of underserved communities. African Oasis helps in your logistics and ground handling. Ask us More!