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African Oasis headquarters, Kenya, is half way around for most people and that’s part of the distinction. Just over the average holiday horizon, off track or at least off the trunk routes of long haul tourism. Around 3 million visitors a year are outnumbered by the gnus in a single national park.

There is thus a single exclusivity, a removal from the herd in a safari in Kenya. It’s what the rich and the writers ‘do’. Images, faded a little of Vanderbilt and Hemingway over wild beast. (they missed a 1000 pound marlin out of the Indian ocean, according to their white hunter, all of them beached on pink gins on the veranda of a Malindi hotel), there are more images, still valid in Kenya of nights out under the African stars, the configurations upside down for visitors from the northern hemisphere, a flaring camp fire and noises from the dark beyond, a moonrise chorus of crickets, frogs, nightjars, a racket of hyrax and the low grant of a predator, probably a leopard.

The hunter guide tells stories, and, all the time attentive services from the bearers and retainers, dressed as extras on the mess set of “Gordon of Khartoum”. They deliver shaken Martini with dinner of roast haunch from an ammunition box oven. All this, and much else, is the old style safari custom made and obviously not the cheapest of the umpteen options for travel and recreation in the country.

But whichever way it is done, whatever holiday permutation, the fact is Kenya never  disappoints. It may sound like a sales line, but Kenya is one of the few great leisure destinations that matches the anticipation and fulfils the promise.

It’s organized, both the country itself and the safari industry, it’s safe and comfortable, and it’s at least 2000 miles from more recent images of Africa in its crisis of war, drought and famine. That’s not Kenya. The old romance persists and the safari is a memorable experience. African Oasis aims in offering its expertise in destination knowledge and facilities, making Kenya easily accessible to the international tourist.

Our services offer a “one-stop shop” from a complete reservations system to ticketing, transport and touring facilities. We work with groups of all sizes from the specialist FIT to scheduled departures, special interest groups, incentives and cruise ship ground handling. Our travel consultants are all experts in their field and most are multi-lingual. Senior management is available to clients 24 hours a day in case of any emergency.

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    Great place for a holiday. This time, its my third visit, I went to the Silent City. What an interesting place, full of history, and yet still a living city. Great places to eat, fantastic views, and a sence of this has been here for thousands of years. Well worth the time to visit, and worth repeat visits too which you can not always say about everywhere.

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    This was our 3rd visit to Malta in the last 15 years and we will not be going back again.

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