AOS ET sets you up to experience the ancient culture and beauty of Ethiopia; a land defined by remote and wild places comprised of contrasts and extremes. Uncover the mystery and intrigue, as it lies nestled in this. The Cradle of Mankind, amidst fairytale castle cities and untouched grasslands. Marvel at the spectacular Rift Valley with its incredible volcanic lakes, rich variety of bird life, great escarpments and stunning vistas visible even from space.

This expedition offers you an all-encompassing journey through a tapestry of natural,cultural and archaeological wonders. Follow the Blue Nile and the Blue Nile Falls to their source and stare in awe at the Simien Mountains. Then, revel in the ancient ambience ofthe castle cities of Gondar and Lalibela as you wander through the ruins of their perfectly preserved rock-hewn churches on an amazing journey through culture and time.